Heartland Academy

A place to come,
feel comfortable
& be yourself


& Share

in the learning process

A Place To Come, Feel Comfortable & Be Yourself. Discover what makes you more comfortable as you interact with friends, family, and the surrounding community.

Quality Education

for Children with Autism

There is a need in this community where there are children that are underserved. By addressing this urgent need, We can help provide a brighter future for these children . This need is for a Quality Education for Children with Autism and the services necessary to allow these children to be a productive, happy part of the community I love.

It Takes A Community

Together with other business professionals, we are building Heartland Academy in Lexington, Ohio. Heartland Academy and the Children who will benefit from it need you. Help us provide the children what they deserve.

Rock Webster Jr, DDS

CEO Heartland Academy

As a member of the community for 53 years, I am an imbedded part of the community I serve. I am always looking for ways to make my community a better place to live, work and raise a family. My patients are a big part of my life and are considered a part of my extended family , and in this family I saw a need. A need I found by listening to an ever growing part of my extended family. I was presented with a way where I saw that I could make a difference. This is where my mission begins